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About desktop disc & bowl lathe

Yonarak desktop disk & bowl cutting machine has been produced in Tabriz by capable Iranian specialists. A machine that has been able to find its place among the repairmen of the brake system and absolutely the clutch system, todays we see the presence of disc cutters in various types of desktop and in-situ with different powers made by Yonarak, yonarak have manufactured and ready this device under the license of the European Union and in accordance with the latest technology. Yonarak desktop disc/bowl lathe has the ability to cut and grind any type of brake disc and brake bowl And in the type of desktop disc lathe with flywheel grinding capability, it can even grind flywheels of all kinds of cars and industrial clutches and electric motors with very high precision and completely smoothed. The disc lathe is done by a very precise desktop lathe machine and the operator can completely monitor and control the disc lathe process.

The desktop disc lathe works very quietly and softly. The desktop disc lathe is produced and marketed exclusively by Yonarak in Iran. With this purchase, you make a long-term investment. You will receive your investment amount and more after a maximum of three months, all desktop disc cutters and in-siue/on-car/in-place disc cutters have a real replacement guarantee for one year,  after-sales service is availible for ten years,

Relying on a long history of several years and also the knowledge of Iranian experts, Amin Sanat avrin Machinery Group has designed and manufactured a disc lathe. Now you can prepare it in much lower price than other companiess and with special warranty conditions from Yonarak. You also get one year real warranty with ten years after-sales service.

Contact our experts for special conditions and the exact cost of ordering the device.

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Further Details

✅ Possibility of simultaneous and identical turning of both sides of the brake disc with high accuracy of 0.01 mm

✅Ability to cut the disk manually, automatically o semi-automatically

✅Ability to cut the disc and wheel bowl in 8 speeds forward and backward

✅Ability to cut the brake disc and bowl of all passenger and freight vehicles (depending on the type of device can be limited)

✅ Ability to control the speed of movement of the main axis (disc, bowl and flywheel)

✅ Using the original industrial lathe pen to facilitate the replacement of the disk pen and the table lathe bowl

توضیحات تکمیلی رومیزی سواری :

طول: 70cm | عرض: 60cm | ارتفاع: 160CM
وزن: 450Kg

فنر سالانسر: 1 عدد | آچار تیغچه: 1 عدد | آچار چوپوقی میز صلیبی: 1 عدد | دستکش: 1 جفت | واسطه قلعه شکل: ۵ عدد | واسطه های مخروطی: ۲۱ عدد | واسطه رابط : ۲ عدد | شفت ها : ۳ عدد

نحوه فروش دستگاه

مشتریان محترم به دو شکل میتوانند دستگاه دیسک تراش را خریداری نمایند:

۱- به شکل حضوری به دفتر کارخانه تولید واقع در تبریز مراجعه نموده و عقد قرارداد نمایید.

۲ – به یکی از نمایندگی های شرکت در تهران یا سایر شهرها مراجعه نموده و عقد قرارداد نمایید

۳ – به شکل تلفنی اطلاعات ( نام و نام خانوادگی – کد ملی – آدرس کامل – کد پستی – شماره تلفن ثابت )را ارسال کرده و قرارداد تنظیم و ارسال میشود و بعد از تایید قرارداد و پرداخت پیش پرداخت دستگاه آماده شده و تحویل میشود.

مزایای خرید دستگاه دیسک تراش رومیزی / دستگاه کاسه تراش رومیزی برای تعمیرکاران و مشتریان آنها:

✅ سود چشم گیر برای تعمیرکار در قبال سرمایه گذاری اندک.

✅ کاهش چشم گیر هزینه های مالی و زمانی ناشی از تعمیر سنتی دیسک و کاسه و یا تعویض دیسک ترمز خودرو.

✅ توانایی رفع ایراد توپی چرخ خودرو و بالانس آن با دیسک ترمز به لحاظ نصب و تراش دیسک ترمز به موازات توپی چرخ (در دستگاه دیسک تراش روکار).

✅ افزایش عمر مفید لنت ترمز و دیسک ترمز.

✅ به دلیل تراش دو طرف دیسک ترمز به شکل همزمان، کیفیت تراش در مقایسه با تراش در دستگاه تراش به شکل سنتی، بسیار بالاتر خواهد بود.

✅ به کارگیری دستگاه توسط یک فرد مبتدی در امر تعمیر به آسانی میسر است. دستگاه در عین سادگی بسیار کارا طراحی شده است.

Machine name: Desktop lathe and bowl lathe

Types: 1- Easy riding disc cutter and bowl cutter 2- Simple cargo disc cutter and bowl cutter 3- Disk cutter and Simple grinder for riding / cargo with flywheel grinding capability

Brand: Yonarak

Country of manufacture: Iran – Tabriz

Warranty and after-sales service: One year real replacement warranty plus 10 years after-sales service

Sale price: For information on the exact price with the company office, phone number: 0098-41332955539  Call.

1- Ability to cut discs, bowls and flywheels for all passenger cars

2 – Ability to change the forward and backward speed with 9 different modes

3 – Machinable discs with a maximum thickness of 5 cm

4 – Ultra-high smoothness level

5 – Use of 3-phase motor with inverter to use 220V power to rotate the main axis

6 – Use a powerful Kormas spindle with a dedicated board for turning at different speeds for forward and backward

7 – High quality and durable oven paint

8 – Ability to cut discs, bowls and flywheels manually, automatically and semi-automatically

9- Turning capability with a maximum tolerance of 3%

10 – Chip removal capability from 0.01 to 1 mm

11 – The weight of the device is 450 kg.

12 – Different shafts and flanges for trucks and cars (50, 32 and 23)

13 – 14 cone holders and 5 cast iron alloy disc and bowls and flywheels for passenger cars

14 – Has a separate holding tool for discs, bowls and flywheels of trucks

15 – with microswitch for end stop

16 – Emergency Shutdown

17 – Fully cast iron body

  • Every sale we make is the beginning of a great, long-term commitment
  • Amin Sanat evrin Machinery Company, in order to maintain the quality of its products and brand in the domestic and foreign markets, has used the highest quality materials available in the market and has provided a real one-year replacement warranty for its products, as well as 10 years of after-sales service is provided.
  • Yonarak also proudly holds the title of the most satisfied customers with the lowest percentage of device returns and lowest product failures among competitors. We are proud to announce that out of more than two thousand disc lathes produced in the collection, less than ten have been required to use warranty services so far.
  • We are proud about that the bests choose us for long-term cooperation.
  • The quality and durability of the devices are guaranteed, our greatest asset has been and is the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Yonarak is always ready to serve and receive your criticisms and suggestions.