Technical description

  • Possibility of simultaneous and identical turning of both sides of the brake disc with an accuracy of 16 microns
  • Ability to cut the disk into manual, automatic, semi-automatic shapes
  • Possibility of disk terrace in 8 different speeds
  • Ability to cut all passenger cars
  • Ability to adjust the height for different jacks
  • Use of a power interface and wheel hub for all cars (4 screws – 5 screws and…)
  • Has a finishing sensor in the reversal
  • Car wheel hub balance with brake disc (wheel hub defect fix)

Additional description of the on-car disc lathe

1- Dimensions of the head package:

Length: 30cm | Width: 30cm | Height: 30cm | Weight: 23Kg

2- Dimensions of power packaging:

Length: 60cm | Width: 60cm | Height: 85cm

Weight: 33KG

3- Device accessories:

S wire: one number | Gloves: a pair | Azra Intermediary: 2 pieces Bolts: 6 pcs | Head adapter: 1 pc Intermediate logs: one each | Wheel hub adapter: 1 pc

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Machine name: on-car disc lathe

Manufacturer: Amin Sanat avrin Machine Building Company

Brand: Yonarak

Country of production: Iran – Tabriz

Warranty and after-sales service: One year real replacement warranty and 10 years after-sales service

Terms of sale

Terms of sale of on-site disc lathe:
Sale terms is based on witch country you live in and the banks we and you commonly work with.
For Iranians, installment sales are settled in the form of 50% of the device in cash and 50% in the form of one-month and one-month checks.

Videos sent by our customers of On-car disk lathe

How can on-car disk lathe helps me with my braking proplems?!

Brake disks At times due to breakdown and poor quality of parts such as brake pads and discs, direct impact on the wheels and disks and even the normal operation of the brake system becomes curved or edged, disc cutting with a disc lathe on the car helps you Simply and easily, without having to open the brake disk or replace it, cut your brake disc on the car in the repair shop and turn its surface into a one-handed surface, without edges and without waves. The Yonark disk cutter Made in Tabriz, Iran, it is designed and built to reduce the time and cost required to replace or cut the disk in the traditional way (which is usually done by an industrial lathe and can take more than a day just on waiting). This device is also sold in installments with special conditions. (For free consultation, contact us: +98-04134208824)

What is On-car Disk lathe !?

On-site disc lathe or disc lathe on the job (View Article: What is a disc lathe and what is it used for?) Is a special lathe tool that is small and much lighter than conventional lathes and portable, no need to oil fot Its work and just a periodic service contains cleaning parts from trash is required; also the cost of its preparation and maintenance is very low, this machine is designed for turning and removing the warping disk and lameness of the brake disks of passenger cars and light to semi-heavy trucks. Cars like Nissan, (does not have the ability to cut the brake discs of heavy-duty vehicles such as crushers, FH FL FM and loads of five tons and heavier.) Yonarak Desktop disk lathe offered in two types of simple desktop disk-lathe and desktop disk-lathe with flywheel grinding capability).

You do not need to open the brake disc to use on-car disc lathe, The disc layhe can work completely “in place” or “superficial”, your brake disc while it is installed on the car wheel is completely polished and a Provides excellent hand-cutting quality, this special feature saves significant extra costs due to the opening and closing of the brake disc and a reduction in car repair time of braking system. (Necessary tips in using surface disc lathe)

Benefits of Using Yonarak On-car Disk-lathe ?!

cutting the disk in situ has been able to upgrade the old repair solution which includes replacing or opening and sending the swing brake disc to the lathe and fixing the problem is possible even without opening the brake disc, the On-car disc lathe is in place now In most authorized repair shops which also repair the car brake system professionally, it is used as a necessity and a main tool. The in-situ disc lathe cuts the brake disc with the highest accuracy and delivers a one-handed, perfectly smooth surface to you, this is done with very high precision and with complete finesse. you can also adjust speed of moving via the device panel manually.

When to lathe the brake disc?

By using a disc lathe, you can eliminate the unevenness and warping of the brake disc. It is worth mentioning that the brake disc is uneven naturally and in normal working conditions, but the use of poor brake pads or the use of counterfeit brake discs can be removed. And exacerbate brake disc failure.

Signs of brake disc failure that can be repaired by turning the disc:

  • Steering vibration
  • Reduce braking power
  • Asymmetric use of pads
  • High consumption of brake pads
  • Screaming sound during braking
  • Wheel and car vibration during braking

It should be noted that excessive vibration during braking can cause serious damage to the car’s suspension and trim system, which is very harmful and even dangerous. Disk turning by surface disc lathe machine, except for the mentioned cases, saves the cost of brake system repair and the time required to repair the disc and car brake system, reduces the depreciation of the suspension system and, of course, increases the durability and life of the brake disc. The pads are.

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Price of Yonarak surface disc lathe

Surface disc lathes can have different prices depending on your order (only head of lathe or head with power-engine(witch is turning No-power wheels)) and the type of ride and cargo. The head of the machine is more expensive and also valuable, it should be noted that normally for any car on the side of the wheel with power (connected to the differential), there is no need to use the power of the surface disc machine and only the head is used , The car is turned on and by placing the brake disc in the gear and the wheel hub, they start to move and the disc cutting operation can be done by the head.

How efficient is the Yonarak disk lathe?

The efficiency and profit of the machine is fully guaranteed, with an investment of less than twenty million Tomans (the price of a complete surface disc lathe, including the head and power, is currently about 930USD (shipping will be free or will added by conditioins). To receive the updated price of the disc lathe, contact us at +98-34208824  You can have a net income of more than 350USD per day by using this Disk lathe. None of our customers have been dissatisfied with this type of disc lathe, and none of them have even found the need to service the machine and buy the razor blade until three years after purchase. Extra spare blade Comes with a on-car disc lathe when you buy it.

دیسک ترمز تراش داده شده با دیسک تراش روکار یوناراک

The benefits that an in-situ disc lathe provides for repair shop and brake system repairmen !?

  • Significant benefits for mechanics and customers.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of traditional repair or replacement of car brake discs for customers.
  • Simultaneous elimination of the problem of the car wheel hub and its balance with the brake disc in terms of installing and turning the brake disc parallel to the wheel hub.
  • Excellent savings in repair time.
    Significant increase in brake pad life.
  • Turning both sides of the brake disc at the same time makes the quality of turning much higher compared to the lathe and turning in the traditional way.
  • Using the device does not require much knowledge or skills, and beginners can become masters at working with the device in a short time.
دیسک تراش درجا همراه با پاور تولیدی یوناراک

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